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Pole Arts

Duration - 60 Minutes

This introductory class is your first step testing the waters and introduce you to the fun exciting world of Pole Art.

Aerial Silks

Duration - 90 Minutes

Start working on the proper technique and conditioning to safely hold yourself in the air.

Beginner Silks Trapeze

Duration - 90 Minutes

The trapeze itself does not swing or fly, but you will soar as you learn tricks and techniques of circus aerialists.

Dance Flexibility

Duration - 60 Minutes

Dance Flexibility will teach proper body warmup mechanics and flexibility poses to properly prepare your body.

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Who is
Aerial Dance For?


Everyone with a curiosity to defy gravity and fly! Our classes are designed for all levels, ages, and body types. Our beginner classes are specifically designed for new students who may not have a lot of upper-body, core strength, and flexibility yet.

All Ages/Genders

We offer aerial arts classes for all genders and ages starting as young as 6 years old and up! Our Pole Art classes are for all genders and ages starting at 18 years old. You will be amazed how young you and your body will feel once you are air bound!

All Body Types

While we do get a lot of students with dance or gymnastics backgrounds we get many more with no background at all. No pre-requisites are needed to start our beginner classes. However, if you feel you want to get into better shape prior to starting aerials, or in addition to, we have group technique/stretch classes as well as trained instructors offering private lessons.

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